Marilyn is the most thorough travel professional we've ever met. Her extensive experience, impeccable taste, knowledge of food, wine, and all things fun and adventurous make her service truly unique. She will not only get you there, it's very likely she's been there and has an extensive list of connections and recommendations to offer from first-hand experience. She has excellent relationships with outstanding travel guides, wonderful vendors, interesting and unique venues, and on-the-ground connections that allow her to tailor trips to your specifications.

Before meeting Marilyn, we prided ourselves on the ability to make our own travel arrangements via the internet. Our biggest objection to self-service was the amount of time it invariably took to research the options, find the best deals, learn about the area and activities, examine the rating sites, etc. Marilyn Can Travel takes all the work and frustration out of planning your next trip. Marilyn is extremely well connected. She is experienced in all matters of travel. Attention to detail is her strong suit. She is great at designing vacations to suit your budget, interests, likes, and dislikes. She can arrange all forms of transportation, lodging, entertainment, and sightseeing. There is only one caveat: to use Marilyn Can Travel you will be forever spoiled.

Karen & Mike Bergin, clients since 2008


tel: 707.778.8550
fax: 707.778-1729


To work with Marilyn Can Travel is really the only way to know that your vacation will be flawless. Marilyn did our trip to South Africa and we are so glad we engaged her services. She saw to all the details and she understood our needs perfectly. Marilyn's enthusiasm is indeed contagious and we cannot wait to have her book our next trip... The Amazon!

George and Phyllis


When I decided to take a father and son trip to Italy this year, I went to the internet and started researching places to go, places to stay, and means of transportation. I quickly realized it was going to be a big project. It was also going to be like throwing a dart at a map, since I really didn't know one town from another, and certainly didn't know any cool places to take my 15-year-old son. I called Marilyn and asked for advice. This turned out to be the best call I could have made. In less than 24 hours, Marilyn had booked flights, hotels, a rental car, and a tour at the Lamborghini factory. She knew the towns, the restaurants, the roads, as if she lived there. I felt like I was coming to see a friend, not going to a foreign country. The hotels were awesome, the suggested tours were fantastic, and there was no stress. Marilyn gave me some driving directions and some local tips an off we went. It was truly an incredible trip that my son and I will never forget. I can't wait to go back ... and won't without calling Marilyn first!

Eric Thomson